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1st Feb 2014

T-34-1 (fully upgraded,and with a hundred and ten percent crew)
Country of origin :China 
Tank type :Medium 
Crew :four 
Speed: 50kmph 
Hull armor :60mm/ 45mm /40mm (The hull is 60mm of sloped armour )
Turret armor :170mm/ 120mm/ 60mm 
Weight :32.51/38.5 tonnes 
Engine :12150L (520 horsepower with a 12 percent chance of catching on fire )
Power to weight ratio: 16
Turret traverse :44 degres per second
Traverse speed :42 degres per second
Gun elevation -5'  / 22'
Accuracy :0.42m
Top gun :100mm 44-100JT (chinese copy of 100mm D10T)
Rate of fire (top gun) 6.45 rounds per minute 
Averidge penetration 175 mm (armor piercing rounds)  235mm (armor piercing composite -rigid rounds  )  
50 mm (High explosive rounds )
Averidge damage  250 hit points (for armor piercing and armor piercing composite -rigid rounds ) 
330 hit points (high explosive rounds)
View range :370 metres 
Signal range :750 metres 

My personal opinion 
This tank is very fun if you play it right . The T-34-1 may not have good hull armor but its turret armor  more than makes up for it because it is very strong and sloped just like a Type 59 ,so if you find a spot where you can cover your hull or go peek a boo and only expose your turret then exploit this things great turret armor .The gun on this tank the best gun is a Chinese copy of the 100 mm D10T Russian tank gun that can be mounted on the IS Tank it is also statistically identical to the Russian version in every aspect .The T-34-1 is very mobile and fun to drive because of its mobility .The drawbacks iv noticed on this tank can be minimized with the following equipment Wet ammo rack and ,Fill your fuel tanks with Co2. Overall the t-34-1 is a very fun Medium to drive If you play it right

A Picture of the T-34-1

Positive things of this tank

. The T-34-1 top gun is one of two 100 mm plus guns that are available on tier tier sevens the other being on the A-44 and having a caliber of 107mm mounted on a rear mounted turret
.Low to the ground 
.Weighs less than 33 tonnes fully upgraded 
.Strong turret armour means that you can cover your hull or go peek a boo and bounce most tier seven shots if they are not using gold 
.High top speed of 50kmph 
.Looks cool 
.Good signal range (750 metres )

Negative things of this Tank
.Horrible gun depression 
.Low rate of fire compared to most mediums of tier seven 
.Very weak ammo rack and very weak fuel tanks 
.Only a four man crew (no Radio operator )
.Weak hull armor

Special tips
Before you buy this tank make sure you made the type 58 elite because in doing so you unlock the best gun which is the stock gun on the Is2 and you will also have the best engine unlocked which will give you an extra 40 horsepower
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